What I do

It is our divine mission at Luminous Lifestyles to activate and integrate your own innate healer

Luminous Lifestyles was birthed into my consciousness 15 years ago when I started to ask some very hard questions of myself regarding my life purpose, my existence, my chosen daily thoughts, actions and intentions as well as how could I show up everyday, have an abundance of energy and be the best human I could be. These questions took me on a path back into myself. From that place of unknown and darkness, the only way out was to find the light, activate gratitude and amplify love. That journey has taken me back to my heart centre where all the answers reside, where the universe communicates with us all and where I was able to integrate and activate my own innate healer to become my own remedy.


My whole life I have been witness to seeing people not ever really get well or be well, just always functioning below the line (so to speak).


I personally had done this for way too long. Being well and staying well is a daily practice, a discipline, one that I knew was not just about prescribing supplements, telling someone what to do, what to eat or how to exercise.

Seeking outside of all my professional training to understand why dis-Ease is created and the necessary shifts needed to be free of that dis-Ease has become my life’s work.

Now I have a successful and valued business that enables me to find truth in all that I do and work with beautiful individuals and families who are committed to themselves and their healing journey.


The difference between my work and most other practitioners is that I see my divine patients as healed, whole and holy, even if at that moment they do not.


This enormous space holding and hand holding that that I offer to all that I work with is the foundational framework in which Luminous Lifestyles is built upon.

At Luminous Lifestyles I personally mentor and guide you through our unique and individually crafted healing system. This signature healing system runs on three principle levels and is designed to activate and integrate your own innate healer to become your own remedy.

  1. Energetic Medicine – releasing the blocks that hold you in a state of dis-Ease, shifting your energetic frequency to create healing.
  2. The Environment – decoding your external environment (eg: home, garden, workplace) to enable you NOT disable you.
  3. Naturopathic Medicine – blending traditional remedies, honest food, the latest functional testing and real science to complement your innate stellar healing powers.

Becoming your own remedy gives you back the power of your own body, thoughts, feelings, behaviours and actions. Freeing you from the shackles of self-doubt and the approval of others, instead listening to your innate healer where your intuition is your dominant voice. Giving birth to a new and rebalanced you.


- Cindy Currie -

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My sessions with Cindy have been amazing, every single time.  No matter how I turn up, Cindy works gently and very powerfully to help bring me back to and remain in my heart's centre and to restore calmness, clarity and health back into my mind, body and spirit. I always feel safe, respected, supported and loved.  Cindy shares really useful and simple tools to take away to help with the issues of the moment and these have been fabulous for me and my family and friends. Thank you from my heart Cindy, what a blessing you have been to me.

Cath Kirkland

Sometimes we feel out of sorts for no apparent reason; our system gets disrupted. Here is where Cindy's work is invaluable to restore balance.

Cindy's healing powers, her skill, intuition, love and care brings us into alignment, a modality that few can desipense and just puts the "icing on the cake". Needless to say she comes highly recommended for all.

John Caporale N.D. D.C.

Cindy, I am grateful for all the remarkable changes you have brought into my life. Your open heart, energetic intuition and finely tuned Naturopathic skills are a wonderful recipe for powerful healing.

I came to you over a year ago with many issues which you read so accurately. You worked holistically on levels that got to the root of my problems helping me to understand them, eliminate them all whilst enabling a deep personal connection to my heart center and self.

My daughters now see you and I am always recommending you to my friends and family because you have helped me feel empowered and in control of my life once again

Tanis Huxter

After a life changing diagnosis at the end of 2018, and four months of treatment I was totally exhausted and unsure what the future held for me.

A friend recommended I see Cindy for some naturopathic advice and healing.

From the moment I met her, I was instantly impressed by her professionalism and depth of knowledge, regarding health and wellbeing.

Through our journey together, she has guided and comforted me with her kind and caring nature, always available to answer any questions or concerns.

Fast forward nearly a year….. all my tests continue to be clear and I am feeling better and healthier than ever !

Cindy has shown me a new way of life and I will be forever grateful to her for supporting me through this very stressful time.

I highly recommend making this investment in your mind, body and spirit with this beautiful lady.

Simone Harmey


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