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Raise your Love Vibration as you Activate & Integrate your Innate Healing Powers.

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During this free consultation someone from my team will get on a call with you to work out where you are, where you want to be and the steps in between.

Monthly Membership

At the moment the Monthly Membership of Live Taught Masterclasses in Natural Medicine and Multidimensional Medicine is CLOSED!

Initial Appointments, Energetic Healings and Subsequent Naturopathic Consultations

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These single sessions are 1:1 and are designed for you to evolve on your healing journey to become your own remedy at your own pace.

Individually Crafted Healing Programs and Mentoring

(online or in person)
Through our unique 3-tiered healing system, you will get to the root cause of your dis-Ease, have your hand held every step of the way and become your own remedy. These are facilitated 1:1.

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Functional Testing

Via these various tests of urine, blood, hair, saliva and stool, you can get laser-clear with the signature picture that your system is presenting with, so you can put the steps in place to effect total healing

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Innate Healer Institute

This is taught live 2 times per year and is a comprehensive breakdown of your INNATE HEALING system for you to use in your everyday life and with those that you love so you can be your own remedy, heal your dis-Ease and live the life you wish to live.

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Live Events and High End Retreats

these services are designed to have fast results and life transformational activations. They are for those committed to themselves and ready to put the steps in place now to make things different

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Speaking Engagements

We offer our service to speak at a range of events, workshops and seminars that are in alignment with our values.

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After my mother passed away and my marriage broke down, I began my healing journey with Cindy. Her knowledge of healthy foods that would nourish my body and her encouragement to do the doing things that I loved gave me the confidence feel better and get fitter and stronger in my physical and mental self.

I was an emotional wreck before I worked with Cindy and having her guide me and hold my hand to NOT fix me but teach me how to become my own remedy has given me a sense of who I am.

My current relationships are more sensual and connected. I am more in alignment with myself and more importantly, I have learnt how to trust myself, opening my heart to universal oneness.

The heavy metal poisoning in my body was nurtured and eliminated gently by Cindy with her specific use of naturopathic medicine. My skin is now so much more integral.

I hold much gratitude and love for Cindy for being there as a mentor, a teacher and a healer to help guide me back where I need to be.

Thank you ...Thank you... Thank you ❤

Shane Geary

Working with Cindy was illuminating, calming and I felt her very caring nature constantly during our time together. Cindy is a master at picking up the most subtle of energy and working with it for incredible outcomes.

Before working with Cindy I was not completely owning pieces of me and my life, however through our work together I felt myself embracing and owning the more subtle, softer, quiet feminine attributes, and personal skills I have. Cindy was able to connect my mindset points and shift my energy physically to be in full alignment. This divine woman was able to tap in and see my perspective and long term visions, something I had not experienced before, it was thoroughly validating and calming.

Cindy also reminded me to ensure I am taking good care of myself, to nurture myself and think more gently about myself as a woman, as a mum, as a person. Our work together was invaluable, sacred and essential

Hayley Henderson, Branding Goddess

After a life changing diagnosis at the end of 2018, and four months of treatment I was totally exhausted and unsure what the future held for me.

A friend recommended I see Cindy for some naturopathic advice and healing.

From the moment I met her, I was instantly impressed by her professionalism and depth of knowledge, regarding health and wellbeing.

Through our journey together, she has guided and comforted me with her kind and caring nature, always available to answer any questions or concerns.

Fast forward nearly a year….. all my tests continue to be clear and I am feeling better and healthier than ever !

Cindy has shown me a new way of life and I will be forever grateful to her for supporting me through this very stressful time.

I highly recommend making this investment in your mind, body and spirit with this beautiful lady.

Simone Harmey

Sometimes we feel out of sorts for no apparent reason; our system gets disrupted. Here is where Cindy's work is invaluable to restore balance.

Cindy's healing powers, her skill, intuition, love and care brings us into alignment, a modality that few can desipense and just puts the "icing on the cake". Needless to say she comes highly recommended for all.

John Caporale N.D. D.C.


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