The Divine Initiation

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  • Imagine knowing yourself and loving yourself so intimately that you can heal your body, live purely from your hearts potential and be so powerfully potent in your own soul that you inspire others to do the same.
  • How would it feel to let go of toxic family beliefs that hold your self-pleasure frozen, where receiving is selfish and greedy and move instead into allowing yourself to feel and embrace the pleasure of touch and intimate affection.
  • Imagine if you could trust and surrender to letting go of controlling everything so you had more time, more energy and more love
  • How would it feel to shift from feeling unloved, unnoticed and ignored into a place of deep self
    compassion for yourself, trusting your own approval, rising in your power and shining your light?
  • On this deep sacred immersion you will hear the physical conditions of your body, trust the message and be complimented with earth medicines to heal yourself


  • 1 x 180min Initial Consultation,  Naturopathic, Micro Energetic Rebalancing and follow up, Recorded Prayer  (value $1050)
  • 6 x 60min Private Energetic Healing Sessions - Micro Energetic Rebalancing including Crystal and Sound  Chakra Balance, Angelic Reiki and Recorded Prayer  (value $2400)
  • 6 x 45min Monthly Private Naturopathic Consultations (value $1800)
  • 6 x 30min live recorded group connection calls monthly - loving support, question and answers. (value $900)
  • 7 x Individualized Naturopathic Prescriptions - recommendations of herbs, nutrients, nutrition, lifestyle and self love from your monthly private sessions (value $700)
  • 18 x Facebook Live Group Classes - environmental hacks, functional training and energetic chakra healings (value $2700)
  • 2 x FUNCTIONAL TEST - Organic Acids Test & Hair Mineral Analysis - an individualized picture of your digestive system, detoxification capabilities, brain chemistry and cellular energy. (value $630)
  • You are the Remedy digital program - 6 x training videos , worksheets, heart
    centered education and training downloads. (value $1097)

TOTAL VALUE = $11,277

Pay in full: $5597 (SAVE $880)

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Payment Plan: $2597 upfront and 5 monthly payments of $776.

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What other Divine Ones are Saying

[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]amberCindy holds the most devine space of unconditional love, acceptance and intuitive wisdom. I always leave Cindy's healings feeling peacefully empowered and completely supported to embody and integrate a deeper level of self awareness and clarity in navigating life more beautifully and authentically from my heart. Working with Cindy has been such a blessing and powerful catalyst in my life

Amber x




Cindy, I am grateful for all the remarkable changes you have brought into my life. Your open heart, energetic intuition and finely tuned Naturopathic skills are a wonderful recipe for powerful healing. I came to you over a year ago with many issues which you read so accurately. You worked holistically on levels that got to the root of my problems helping me to understand them, eliminate them all whilst enabling a deep personal connection to my heart center and self. My daughter’s now see you and I am always recommending you to my friends and family because you have helped me feel empowered and in control of my life once again”


kada 1Cindy has been a beautiful shining light in my life for the past year. Her gentle guidance, unconditional love & support have helped transform my life. Through working together I was able to rediscover myself from a place of love & appreciation for every stage of my life & find the gratitude in every experience, good & bad. Thank you Cindy for guiding me back to my truth & giving me the courage to share my authentic self with the world.



kathMy sessions with Cindy have been amazing, every single time. No matter how I turn up, Cindy works gently and very powerfully to help bring me back to and remain in my heart's centre and to restore calmness, clarity and
health back into my mind, body and spirit. I always feel safe, respected, supported and loved. Cindy shares really useful and simple tools to take away to help with the issues of the moment and these have been fabulous for me and my family and friends. Thank you from my heart Cindy, what a blessing you have been to me.