My whole life I have struggled around the mindset of LACK. But the Law of Attraction says that what I want I can have, right?? Wrong... It forgot to explain the Law of Repulsion..

So here is what I've learnt about the law of repulsion. I want all I like, but until I can actually change the feeling that created the thought that chooses lack, then I am resisting (or repulsing) the very thing I want to bring in (abundance).

Therefore I am always getting more of what I don't want (lack ) and less of what I do want (abundance).

So how do I fix this and live in the abundance of the Law of Attraction!

I have learnt to activate the feeling of what I do want to match the vibration of the thought and have the clarity and wisdom to know the difference.

For example: I always have wanted to create more money, but have carried the mindset that people who had money are greedy and bad. I was wanting something great but sending the message through feeling of something completely the opposite. When this was brought to my awareness and I could see it clearly, I then had to change how I feel about money.

Now I bless my money, willingly let it come in and go out without holding on. Am thankful that I am able to use my energy currency (money) to live an organic, nontoxic lifestyle and educate myself in the things that I love.

Here are FOUR ways you can start to match your thoughts and your feelings so you can attract what you desire.

1. When you really want something be aware of how you actually feel about it. Then you have the power to change it.

2. If you are desiring something and it's not coming in, it's probably because you are resisting it on some level instead of blessing it. Find the blessing in it.

3. Visually see how having want you want will be a positive or an advantage to you and as you start to see that, you will start to feel the rise of vibration within your body.

4. Thank the manifestation as though the event has already occurred. eg: If you want to get a new car, activate the feeling first of having the new car. Once you have the feeling, thank the universe as though you already have it.

Loving my way to manifestation

Cindy Currie xx