Intuition is one of the forces of consciousness that we all possess yet seldom hear, trust or have gratitude for. One of the biggest tests for us as humans is to discern between mind and intuition.

Buying a house for our families souls to evolve in requires due diligence. I was faced this morning with an internal battle of my mind and my intuition as they both commanded attention and understanding as the most perfect house for us was presented. We were excited, joyful, inspired and grounded as we walked and admired this cute little home. It ticked all the boxes.. So why did I have another force inside of me pulling the other way?? My logical mind had me living in this house with my family, climbing trees, eating our organic vegetables and living a simple intimate life. My intuition had me out of there down the road never to return. How did I know the difference and what to listen to? Below are 3 great ways to help you discern between your mind and your intuition

1. When you have 2 opposing feelings as I did, take a moment to breathe and see which part of your body the feeling of the decision is sitting. For me the joy and happiness of living in the home was sitting in the area of my head. The needing to say no to this home was sitting in the centre of my chest and in the pit of my stomach.

2. How does each of the opposing messages make you feel. If one makes you feel light, empowered, relieved and confident then it will be in favour of your highest good and will be your intuition. If one of the decisions make you feel heavy, nervous or disempowered it will be your mind speaking and may not be in your highest good.

3. It is the voice that is subtle yet louder than the other that will be your intuition gently guiding you to pay attention.

The more you practice feeling and hearing the messages of your intuition, the stronger the knowing will become so that when you are faced with a life altering decision, you can know with clarity and certainty as well as courage that you have heard your intuition and can say thank you for having your back!

Needless to say we did not purchase the home, as the property next door of 11 hectares (also for sale) has prospective buyers who wish to plant out the land with blueberries for the commercial market.

Thank you Intuition!!!!!