For the past 2 years I have been spending a great deal of time daily studying how my body responds to water. Including  different types, different seasonal requirements, different temperatures and also different amounts.
Science is now showing us that water is one of the most pivotal healers that we all have access to.
Below are 5 simple tools I use to improve my vitality, digestion, healing ability and my nervous system by just using water.

1. Always drink filtered water. Reverse Osmosis water is even better. Showering and bathing in filtered water is also extremely beneficial. I use Pure Water Systems for my Reverse Osmosis water and my household filters.

2. Have your daily water preferably from glass. If you are out and about use glass or stainless steel bottles. This will keep it as pure as possible.

3. Aim to consume around 1L of water in the morning before you put anything else in your body. This is a way of saying thankyou to your body for it's healings given to you while you sleep and also to promote a bowel movement before you put any food in your mouth. This alone will do amazing things for your vitality.

4. Information is carried through the rays of the sun and is transported through the body via the water in our cells. This is why I always prefer to drink my morning water outside in the morning sun. It also brings be a sense of calm and inspiration.

5. Too often we drink to little. If you are one of these people, give yourself a reminder to have a glass of water. It may be a note on the fridge, when you feel hungry or after you urinate. The point is to consume an abundance of water each day.

Water ebbs and flows freely, intelligently and courageously though our bodies and the earth all the time. Humanity needs to listen to the message of water, go with the flow, work with your environment and create abundantly.

Loving how water soothes and ignites me.
Cindy xx