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How would you like to remember and restore the INNATE HEALING knowledge to release you from the shackles of outdated systems so you can begin to heal yourself, take a more multidimensional and natural approach to health care for you and your family as you step into a whole new frequency of luminosity and vitality.

Through this live interactive membership platform you will gain multidimensional and naturopathic medicine wisdom combined with energetic rebalancing healings, tools, activations and integrations. These are pure remedies that have been lost to you for 100’s and 100’s of years, keeping you unwell, humming under the vital line and stressed out to the max.

Time for you to take your Innate Healing power back

In the monthly REMEDY PORTAL you receive


1 x 1.5hr live facilitated MULTIDIMENSIONAL MEDICINE CLASS, weaved with Naturopathic Medicine and completed with an Energetic Rebalancing Healing. First Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm (AEST)

1 x Silver level membership to Luminous Lifestyles where you gain instant access to recipes, pre-recorded natural medicine masterclasses and chakra healings as well as chants / prayer

You can access all this now for just $22 per month

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Most people spend 7X this per month on other health systems that continue to bleed you and your family of health sovereignty.


This is why I have made THE REMEDY PORTAL extremely affordable, practical and solution-based.

I am very done with seeing divine people give their power away and remain unwell.

With a simple and strong foundation, based in a few earth laws, you can take the power of your own health system back.


Are you ready to step into a whole new frequency of luminosity and vitality?


Then I invite you to join me in the REMEDY PORTAL today.

You can access all this now for just $22 per month 

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What other divine souls have experienced working with Cindy:

After my mother passed away and my marriage broke down, I began my healing journey with Cindy. Her knowledge of healthy foods that would nourish my body and her encouragement to do the doing things that I loved gave me the confidence feel better and get fitter and stronger in my physical and mental self.

I was an emotional wreck before I worked with Cindy and having her guide me and hold my hand to NOT fix me but teach me how to become my own remedy has given me a sense of who I am.

My current relationships are more sensual and connected. I am more in alignment with myself and more importantly, I have learnt how to trust myself, opening my heart to universal oneness.

The heavy metal poisoning in my body was nurtured and eliminated gently by Cindy with her specific use of naturopathic medicine. My skin is now so much more integral.

I hold much gratitude and love for Cindy for being there as a mentor, a teacher and a healer to help guide me back where I need to be.

Thank you ...Thank you... Thank you ❤

Shane Geary

After a life changing diagnosis at the end of 2018, and four months of treatment I was totally exhausted and unsure what the future held for me.

A friend recommended I see Cindy for some naturopathic advice and healing.

From the moment I met her, I was instantly impressed by her professionalism and depth of knowledge, regarding health and wellbeing.

Through our journey together, she has guided and comforted me with her kind and caring nature, always available to answer any questions or concerns.

Fast forward nearly a year….. all my tests continue to be clear and I am feeling better and healthier than ever !

Cindy has shown me a new way of life and I will be forever grateful to her for supporting me through this very stressful time.

I highly recommend making this investment in your mind, body and spirit with this beautiful lady.

Simone Harmey

Cindy, I am grateful for all the remarkable changes you have brought into my life. Your open heart, energetic intuition and finely tuned Naturopathic skills are a wonderful recipe for powerful healing.

I came to you over a year ago with many issues which you read so accurately. You worked holistically on levels that got to the root of my problems helping me to understand them, eliminate them all whilst enabling a deep personal connection to my heart center and self.

My daughters now see you and I am always recommending you to my friends and family because you have helped me feel empowered and in control of my life once again

Tanis Huxter

A little about me:

I'm Cindy

Innate Healer Activator & Naturopath

Owner and creator of Luminous Lifestyles


Since the age I was 9 I have led a non-toxic, earth bound, intuitive life. Always questioning and being curious about the "why" of all the things I cannot see. A disciplined student to my heart centre.


After the birth of my two children, the passing of my twins, my marriage falling apart not once, not twice but three times as well as an 11yr chronic skin condition, the essence of who I am called to me to, "stop sabotaging myself over and over!"


This unfolding was destined to heal my body, detoxify my cells and my emotions, release my karma drama patterns and patriarchal conditioning so I could create the reality I wish to live, heal my body and become my own remedy.

My professional learning has empowered me as a Naturopathic Doctor, Angelic Reiki Master, Exercise Physiologist and a Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Teacher.

I wholeheartedly have the recipe for bringing together the body, mind, heart and soul through universal law to dive deeply into your cause of dis-Ease so you can stop applying band-aids that are not sustainable and activate and integrate your own Innate Healer.

When you do this, you unlock your stellar healing powers and become "YOUR OWN REMEDY"